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The Internet Marketing Course: The #1 best-selling Internet Marketing course online for more than 6 years running. This company was founded based on the princples in this course.

This all-new version contains all the information that you need to start, run, and build a successful online business. The unique step-by-step layout of the course contains in-depth information on:

  • 100's of hot-selling product ideas
  • Secrets to designing web sites that sell $2.4 million per year
  • How to rank #1 in the search engines
  • Turning leads into lifetime customers with e-mail marketing
  • Writing killer ad copy that sells!
  • Free and low-cost online classified ads that produce sales
  • Building a HUGE responsive opt-in e-mail list -- FAST
  • Dominate your market using affiliate programs
  • Making sales instantly with online auctions like eBay
  • How to accept credit cards online
  • Expanding your business to reach international markets
  • Getting links from 100's of high-traffic sites
  • Getting traffic from discussion lists and newsgroup promotions
    Viral marketing
  • How to get 1,000's of subscribers to your newsletter
  • Sales strategies like price setting & bonuses
  • Advanced promotions that increase sales 400% (or more) in 24 hours!
  • NEW tips & tricks that make banner ads profitable (again!)
  • How to spend less than 20 minutes per day running your business!
  • Sources of FREE advertising and traffic

... and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

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Success Secrets: Each month, when you become a member, you receive an e-mail, letting you know about two (2); 100% brand new success stories that have been posted to the site from real people.

Each and every interview will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the secrets that have made each web site successful... and with a clear picture of how YOU can apply these same strategies and tools to build YOUR own fortune.

In addition, you are given the opportunity to enter a drawing for a review of YOUR web site or business plan by Corey Rudel and the IMC team (valued at $5,000), who dissect the site and offer tips and tricks that YOU can use to really accelerate the growth and sales of your business.

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Accelerated Internet Wealth Series: If you're looking for actual "how-to" video demonstrations of million-dollar test results, case studies, and $100,000 research, this is definitely it!

These videos -- there are 9 of them! -- are filled with advanced stealth marketing strategies that can help you to make literally hundreds of times MORE money than your competitors!

If you haven't heard of Corey yet, he's a world-recognized expert in online marketing -- and he's got the $20,821 a DAY in online sales to prove it!

Last fall, he threw a huge three-day seminar for 1,000 of his customers, where he and a group of millionaire guest speakers showed everyone exactly how to get wealthy online...

... And now he's invested $97,000 to edit the video footage from that event, and put it into this new video series.

I'm talking 13+ hours of highly detailed marketing strategies that Corey never intended to make public. You'll learn:

  • How to get "whitelisted" with AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo!
  • How to turn an idea into a profitable web site with almost no upfront cash
  • The simple trick that can reduce your annual advertising budget to $0 in less than 3 days
  • The secret strategy for getting to the TOP of the "Big 3" search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and MNS)
  • Case studies of a new technology that he's using to convert a jaw-dropping 56% of web site visitors into BUYERS!
  • The shocking reason 98% of people complain pay-per-click advertising doesn't work -- and why they're all DEAD WRONG!
  • and MUCH more...

This is the definitive resource for doing business online -- and the best part is that it doesn't matter what stage you're at with your business. There's information here for people who don't even have a web site yet...

... and even for people who are already making $100,000... $500,000... $2,500,000 per year with their Internet businesses!

I give this video series a 10 out of 10 rating. Corey literally gives you a "behind-the-scenes" look at a level of online marketing that you've never had access to before!

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Ultimate Seminar Videos: These videos are packed with special "breakaway sessions" where Corey interrupts the footage from his live seminars to sit down with the viewer and actually show you exactly HOW to do the things he talks about on stage.

For example, instead of just telling you that you should be sending follow-up e-mail to your customers and subscribers, he actually walks you through the process and shows you how to write a compelling e-mail promotion, what software you can use to personalize these messages, and how to ensure that your e-mail gets delivered!

And that's just one example! You'll also learn Corey's own personal strategies for:

  • How even a complete beginner can now build a web site in less than 48 hours... for LESS than $100.
  • Where to track down 1,000s of FREE and dirt-cheap sources of traffic for your site.
  • How to find a targetable niche market that you can sell to almost effortlessly.
  • Why selling just ONE key product is the secret to most successful online businesses.
  • How to leverage the sales from that one key product into a lifetime of repeat sales and referrals.

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The Insider Secrets to e-Mail Marketing - Advanced Series: e-Mail marketing can be very frustrating, and it can produce very disappointing results. On the other hand... If you ARE educated and you DO know what works, what doesn't, and how to AVOID the dangers and pitfalls: You can dramatically increase the income of your online or offline business!

That's why this eBook will show you everything from growing a super-responsive opt-in list as quickly as possible, to generating the highest possible revenue from every e-mail you send, to protecting your business from being wrongly accused of spamming and knowing how to effectively deal with it if you are...

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"How To Profit With A Direct Sales Web Site" Audio Tapes or CDs: Learn the brilliant sales strategies of a regular guy from Oregon (a man they call Mr. H) who makes over $23,850.00 per DAY -- with a web site that even HE admits is ugly!

Since releasing that interview in 2001, we’ve watched Mr. H fine-tune his follow-up system, explode his referral business, and balloon his revenues from $1.2 Million in 2001 to $8.1 Million in 2003. How did he do it? Surprisingly, his techniques have nothing to do with running ads, trading links, mass e-mailing, getting ranked high in search engines, or promoting his site to the general public.

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The Absolute Best Affiliate Tracking Software, period! No Recurring Fees.

$549 Access/$649 SQL

We did a ton of research before selecting an affiliate program. This software will save you hours of programming, as well as tons of money on monthly recurring affiliate fees. Affiliate Wiz is an Affiliate Tracking Software. Bestpeoplesearch.com has been using it for over 4 years and has over 150 affiliates that make up over 30% of their online sales.

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Our Secret Weapon:
Free Keyword Research Guide

Do you know what your customers are entering in the search engines? Want to know the exact phrases that will attract traffic to your site like ants to a picnic?

This key word tracking software will help you research words & phrase you never imagined. Take the free Demo tour and find out how to increase your traffic by more than 1000%. We use this software for every customer web site we create and you should too.

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