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Discover one of the best Keyword Research Software tools you can get?

Never Pay For Another Upgrade Again...
In two years, this Keyword Research program has been upgraded and improved no less than 27 times. But our customers only ever pay once. Read more...

If you are not using word tracker or keyword analizer you're not doing your homework, period.

* Pay per click Search engine analysis
* Search Engine Optimization analysis
* Top ranking keywords
* Brainstorming new niches
* Arbitrage Tool
* KEI and R/S
* Full compatibility with other keyword sources
* Onboard Keyword Tools
* Advanced File handling
* Adwords Keyword formatting tools
* Geographical targets

SEO analysis of each keyword

"Keywords Analyzer is absolutely the best… bar none"

I have used just about every keyword tool there is to be found to enhance my marketing edge. The Keywords Analyzer is absolutely the best… bar none.

I rely on it daily to seek out niche words with highly searched keywords with low use by other advertisers. Not only that but I can “see” what my competition is doing with their advertising and plan more strategies to market in.

I am given results in real time for the top PPC engines. I have increased my Network Marketing team by exploiting words in a cost efficient manner. I was sold on the Keywords Analyzer in less than 5 minutes of use!

David Ferguson

Top bids of competing PPC campaigns


Arbitrage opportunity evaluation

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