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SDCOpy Software - Converts .MOD files to MPG. JVC and Panasonic Video Cameras save files in the MOD format and you need to convert them into MPG files to use them easily. This program combines the audio and video files into one mpg file and maintains the 16:9 ratio. You can also let it rename file to date and time naming automatically. This is version 1.9998beta and works great. this is a Zip file.

Aura Free Video Converter - Converts MOD or MPG or any other video format into most any other format suitable for editing or for use on a mobile device. This is the most comprehensive Video Converter I have found that is free.

Rip Audio from any Youtube Video - Ever find a Youtube video where you really like the music and wish you could put it on your phone as an MP3 or make a ring tone or put it on your iPod. This software is great and free.

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