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You need to accept credit cards on your web site. If your customers can't pay, you won't make sales.

When YOU shop online what is the easiest way to pay?

If you said with a Credit Card, you're among the millions of people that use credit cards on the internet everday.

From: Noah Wieder

Dear Web Entrepreneur,

Wouldn't it make sense that you need to accept credit cards for your business? There's no doubt about it. If you're doing business online credit cards will account for over 90% of your SALES! If you’re not getting the sales, you’re most likely not giving your customers an easy way to BUY!

But wait, here's the problem;
It's nearly impossible to get a merchant account setup especially if:

You are: a new or startup business
Sell over the Internet
Have a home-based business
Sell stuff via mail-order
Sell information products
Have "iffy" credit
Have high ticket sales
And the list goes on…

Frankly, you can spend weeks and weeks researching to find a company that will try to help you. You can click each and every Google ad on the right side of this page, but even IF you do find a decent company, many times even the ones advertising no fee for this, and no fee for that, you still end up with some sort of application fee or other hidden charges (plus if you are declined you will not even get the application fee back.)

Then after all that time filling out the application, mailing in financial statements, photos of your location, and complicated documentation it can take weeks to get an answer. Then, if you're lucky, you might get approved. Or, what could be worse; a high rate, upfront required deposit, or large reserve? Any of these can happen if you’re not careful. But wait, now I've got good news for you!

I've found a resource that eliminates all these headaches for you! Wouldn’t you like to find a company that finally makes it easy to accept credit cards, and actually understands small and medium sized business owners? Whether you have a web store, retail space, need wireless access and/or a gateway...

I've literally heard horror stories from my colleagues about merchant accounts. We're talking about having your merchant account status taken away, accounts being frozen, thousands of dollars being held "hostage" and worse. I’ve heard them all.

We have been accepting credit cards since 1994 and online since 1999. When you follow this simple free advice, your experience will be nothing short of fabulous.

We don’t casually recommend just anyone. But we are like most people. If we have a good experience, are treated right and know a deal when it comes along, we pass it on to our friends and family. Well, this deal is just too good to keep to friends and family. We want everyone to know about it. Most companies won’t go out of there way to help you. But these guys will inform you every step of the way. Don’t make costly mistakes with your credit card processing that could potentially be a disastrous situation. Save yourself thousands and thousands of dollars in processing cost and set up costs (not to mention the massive headaches).

You are 99.9999% assured of receiving a credit card merchant account.
It’s practically free and very quick. Let me tell you –
How about:
- No Set-up Fee; zero, nada, ziltch
- No application fees, NONE!
- No Complicated Paperwork
- No Fedex or Mailing Fees
- No Photo Requirements
- No Financial Statements
- 99.9999% Approval Rate regardless of your credit history
- No software or hardware to purchase
- Free on-line software (I said free).

Just fill out the online merchant credit card application. Then you’ll receive an email with your own personalized paperwork completely filled out from your online application; ready to print, sign and fax it back. That's it! It just doesn't get any easier than that, I guarantee it.

Now here’s the fine print.
Normally this whole process is $397 for the complete setup (that's what I was charged when I signed up) - however I've negotiated a price of NOTHING for all my friends, family and now for you (that's right, NO Cost, 100% Free set up). And there are no hidden fees once you complete the application either. This is everything you need in order to accept credit cards online, get real-time processing and have the money automatically deposited in your bank account. Remember, you’ll do over 90% of our business by credit cards...without it we wouldn't even be in business. Get started now!

Yours To Success,

Noah Wieder, President
Intelligent e-Commerce, Inc.

PS: There are No fees, No strings.

PPS: They even accept web sites other banks and financial institutions don't. Start your online merchant credit card application now; what are you waiting for?

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