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From: Noah Wieder

What is it about us that makes us the experts? I know what you're thinking. Another internet marketing company. Well, you're 1/2 right. We are an internet marketing company, but I will guarantee our experts will get visitors to your web site and we will show you how to make it easier for them find the information they need to take action.

My Background:

I started using large main frame computers in 1978 and wrote my first program in high school over 30 years ago. I purchased my first real "PC" in 1985 (just a few years after they were introduced by IBM). I used the DOS operating system and built and fixed PC's as a hobby for years.

I was on the internet before it was the internet using BBS (bulletin board services) and had a dial up connection in 1992.

I can remember trying to help my parents look for houses online in 1993 and it was not that easy back then. My father said it was too difficult and would never be as easy as using a realtor. I told my folks back than that this was the future of how people would get information.

Well, here we are just 15 years later and real estate web sites are some of the first adopters of new technology (other than adult sites). Using video walk through's tons of online marketing and now MLS online you can search for houses with ease from your living room or office. And, without ever visiting the property you can Map it using Goggle maps and look at the house from the air (never before possible).

It's been well over a decade since consumers started shopping online and we've come a long way, has your web site kept up with the times?

Our first web site was built and launched in 1999. That web site currently receives almost 100,000 unique visitors every month with close to 3,000,000 hits.

Their is no magic to our formula for getting high organic search engine ranking and traffic on our client's ecommerce web sites. It's experience, hard work, time and the understanding of how to do it.

Want to learn our secrets, we'll be happy to share and you'll save thousands of hours and frustration just learning from our over decade of experience.

Intelligent e-Commerce, Inc. is a multifaceted eCommerce consulting service. Helping companies operate and manage successful eCommerce web sites. Since 1999 we have helped dozens of companies integrate and move from brick to click. Use our experience and ideas will help you understand your online business potential.

The internet has evolved from an electronic brochure, to a multifaceted way of interacting with your customers. Reach out and touch your customers. Gain efficiencies.  Manage customer expectations. Offer the best customer experience in your industry, and one that you would appreciate as if you were a customer. Make it easy for your customers to purchase items and services.  Give your customers what they want, all with less overhead and staffing than you ever thought possible!

We rely heavily on Web Usability. If nothing else, make sure it is easy for your customers to navigate and find the items and information they want when surfing your web site. One of the best books on Web Usability is by Jakob Nielson.

See what we have done for some of our current clients: Visit the following web sites or review them at for detailed traffic data.

We have key word "Wordtracker" professionals with thousands of hours of experience to ferret out the best long tail key words for any industry to achieve high organic search engine results.

Organic Search Engine Optimization, Web Directory submission expertise, key word analysis, and Meta Element copy writing are all important factors that contribute to a successful web site.

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Noah Wieder
President & CEO
Intelligent eCommerce, Inc.

PS. Want to know even more about us, give me a call, I'll be happy to speak with you.

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